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Merchant Guilds: Deal with the economic ins and outs in whatever province they are located. They oversee all money transfers and investments throughout the land. The Merchants have strong connections with the surrounding guilds and often take out contacts with said guilds when people break the economic laws set by the individual provinces.

Magic Guilds: Magic Guilds take all sorts of jobs and requests from anyone. The Magic Guilds are generally pricier than Warrior Guilds, but you’re paying for the magic. All Magic Guilds are well organized with the Council of Ten watching over the magical Community, keeping an eye on guild activities and dark forces. Magic Guilds will not take assassination requests or anything that is considered a true abuse of magic (as decided by the Council and the individual guild constitutions).

Mercenary Guilds: Mercenary Guilds mainly work for governments and rich land owners. For good or for evil, if you have the coin, you have the Mercs. While less strict than the Warrior and Magic Guilds there is a code that Mercenaries follow. The code of the Mercs is what separates them from Dark Guilds.

Dark Guilds: Dark Guilds are Magic Guilds and Warrior Guilds that have turned their focus to some dark end. These guilds have been ordered to disband and have refused. Dark Guilds have many different motives. Some want to unlock ancient magic, and some just want to be able to take any job without worrying about constitutions and councils and laws.

Assassin Guilds: Just as the name implies the Assassin guilds have assassins… that kill people…for money. There are not many Assassin Guilds, but the ones that exist are filled wit some of the most powerful (often dark) warriors, magi, and rogues.

Warrior Guilds: The Warrior Guilds deal with everything from city threatening evils to a small infestation of large rats. While there is no grand council, each Guild has a very specific and very strict constitution.

Main Page

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