The Lands of Undril

The Jewel Kingdom: The largest of the four lands, The Jewel Kingdom is the highest power in the land. Ruled by King Jewel and Queen White, all of the mountains in their land are controlled by the children of the King and Queen. It was King Jewel’s father who created the first airship in secret, using his new invention to unify much of the land. Since the time of their creation, airships have spread to Brackus, but are strongly disfavored in The Holy Oren Mountains.

Mountains of Note:
Mt. Jewel: The largest mountain in the land. The center of the Gem Ring Monts, this is where King Jewel and Queen White rule.

Mt. Frost: Ruled by Prince Diamond, Mt. Frost, or the Ice Mount, is frigidly cold and is surrounded by a woods plagued by eternal winter.

Mt. Thunder: Ruled by Prince Topaz, Mt.Thunder is plagued by constant lightening storms, necessitating the city to install lightening rods everywhere. The entire city is made out of various metals of varying conductivity.

Mt. Fire: Ruled by Prince Ruby, Mt. Fire, or the Lave Mont, is a city suspended over an active volcano. The city shouldn’t exist, but Prince Ruby has yet to make a bad call.

Mt. Spring: Ruled by Princess Sapphire, Mt. Spring is brimming with life fed by the numerous springs, pools of water, and mists of the mountain.

Mt. Grass: Ruled by Prince Emerald, Mt. Grass is covered from foot to peak with grass, trees, and bushes. While the base of the mountain is deadly steep, about halfway up the mountain turns to only a very slight grade.

Mt. Print: Ruled by Prince Black, Mt. Print is the place where all the rich folk of the land have their estates. The riches of the mounts, Prince Black is set to take the throne upon his father’s death.

Mt. Stone: Ruled by Princess Amber, Mt. Stone has the main town carved into the side of it. Mt. Stone is similar to Brakus, but more focused on utilizing the rich soil than exploring the secrets of the mount.

Mt. Lystrum: Ruled by Prince Iron, Mt. Lystrum has a core of lystrum (crystallized magic), causing constant anomalies that have lead to rumors of Dragons living within.

The Holy Oren Mountains The three sacred mountains (Lundra, Tempra, and Soldra) are inhabited by the monks of Oren. Lundra, to the north, holds the Sect of the Moon: an order based around meditation, magic, spirituality, civil service, and swordplay. Soldra, to the South, holds the Sect of the Sun: an order based around martial arts, medicine, physical discipline, construction, and unarmed combat. Tempra, the mountain in between the two, is by far the most heavily populated mountain of the three, seconded only by Mt. Jewel in total population. Tempra is ruled by two kings: the apprentice of the Sun monk and the Moon monk (the head of the Sun and Moon Sect respectively). Currently, the two kings are His Holiness Drant III (Sun) and His Holiness Nrill (Moon). Legends of the Moon and Sun Bridges that connect the mountains have spread throughout the land, and now that airships are taking to the sky, the legends are being explored.

Brakus Brakus is the true home of the Dwarfs and always will be. It is the only mountain within hundreds of miles and is the only mountain of the province of Brakus. The mountain reaches into the heavens, but you’ll find little as far as inhabitants living on the surface of the mountain. Most dwarfs live inside the mountain, building down into the earth below. The cave systems of Brakus holds more roads than can be traveled in a life. Many people have gotten entered the roads in search of quick travel and treasures, never to be seen again. The Current Dwarven King is King Ettran XII.

The Kells The Kells is a land surrounded by tall tales. Airships seem to get lost when traveling that land. Little is known of the legendary King Victor and Queen Victoria.

The Lands of Undril

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